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Timber City Ginger Beer all started with a recipe. In 2014, Kyle McKnight was working as the chef at The Unicorn in Capitol Hill and started playing around with making ginger beer for the bar. It turned out the spicy brew was a hit and Kyle started making ginger beer more than he was cooking. After years of working in restaurants in Colorado, New York and Seattle he was excited about the possibility of getting out of the kitchen and saw this as an opportunity to start something new. So he took a sample of the ginger beer to his friend Kara Patt. Kara had many years of experience in food, managing, serving in restaurants and wine buying, she also loved the idea of starting a business and felt confident she could succeed. The two set out to start a ginger beer company that filled a gap they saw in the market: a dry (not-sweet) product that really tastes like ginger.

Timber City Ginger Beer went to their first farmers market at Phinney Ridge (North Seattle) in Spring 2014 and received a great response, selling out in just an hour and a half. That was confirmation enough for Kara and Kyle to dive in.  They quit their jobs and started making 10 gallon batches of ginger beer out of a kitchen space on Pioneer Square. Each week they would brew and go to the farmers market with their “OG” ginger beer (made with loads of ginger, water and sugar) and a seasonal brew using herbs and/or fruit from fellow farmers market vendors. Kyle would get creative with the recipes: Cedar Rhubarb, Douglas Fir Tip, Apple Honey Mint and Watermelon Lemongrass.

Business grew and it became more and more apparent that brining a 10 gallon stock pot to boil on an electric range was holding them back. They started looking around at breweries to work out of in Ballard and Fremont but everyone they spoke to said no. But they remained persistent and eventually connected with a new, small brewery at the Phinney Ridge Market. They got a maybe at first, and then Chris, the brewer at Lower Case Brewing, said yes! They started in their “community shared brew space” at Lower Case in South Park in August 2014 and it has helped them grow enormously.





Kara is the co-founder of Timber City Ginger Beer. She runs and directs the sales and operations behind the brand. Originally from Boulder, CO she is an NYU graduate in Food Studies. You can find her listening to Prince, thinking about unicorns and /or throwing a good party. Or maybe just snuggled up with her dog Odin sipping on a warm ginger tonic.

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Kyle is the head brewer and founder of Timber City Ginger Beer. Colorado born and raised, he spent the first part of his career behind the lines of kitchens across the country. Nowadays, you can find him diligently brewing the spicy concoctions that define our company. Normally triple fisting a ginger beer, coffee, and cold Rainier.



Ryan grew up in Durango, CO along side our Master Brewer Kyle where he also obtained his Bachelors in Art. He plays guitar, is a talented painter, and has worked as an arborist the last 10 years in the NW. Moved to Seattle with his dog Milo, to learn how to brew, and bought a sailboat to liveaboard and learn to sail. Beverages he likes other than ginger beer: coffee, sometimes water... but mostly ginger beer.



California Native, who found her place in the PNW. Planted in Seattle after college and quickly climbed the food & beverage ladder, to be fortunate enough to manage restaurants for such chefs as Josh Henderson (Huxley Wallace Collective) and Rachel Yang (Relay restaurant Group). Spent the last two years traveling the country with the culinary circus which is Outstanding in the Field. Always down for happy hour and a cheesy Rom Com. Favorite Timber City beverage: Seasonal Mule with Tequila!!



Lindsay grew up in NJ but escaped to the PNW 11 years ago. She wears many has in her life including working as a residential gardener for a very small female owned and operated company. She is also enrolled in South Seattle College’s Landscape Horticulture program and hope to graduate late this Fall. When not working, Lindsay and her husband love to hike and camp and explore the beautiful bounty that is the PNW. She is a self proclaimed plant nerd and tree geek, and loves it when customers “talk plants to me”. She also loves that our ginger beer reflects the seasons and highlights remarkable offerings from nature.her favorite ginger beer: Hyssop, or Nectarine and Shiso, or Aprium with Pink Peppercorn. Basically the weirder, the better.

Fun random fact: I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune when they filmed in Portland in 2012. I won prize puzzle and took my mom on vacation to St. Croix courtesy of Pat Sajak and Vanna White!




Jason is originally from a suburb of Philly (PARKESBURG REPRESENT!!), moved out to Seattle in October of 2004. He attended University of Washington for Geology. While doing that, he got involved with the service industry and made his way up to GM’ing a couple pizza joints and bars in the Seattle area. He decided to switch gears and leave that side of the service industry and started working at Timber City as the delivery dude and quickly jumped into a roll of assistant brewer and sales. He is active in volunteering with non-profits in the Seattle area and you can usually find him expressing himself through karaoke Wednesday nights at Kate’s Pub in Wallingford. He loves to talk about the love of his life, Brydget (the bestest cat), music and geology. Don’t stand too close to him, he likes to talk with his hands and has hit people “accidentally.”